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Drugs and Health Teens Essay

  • Submitted by: Cwilliam1
  • on February 28, 2014
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Charles Gonzmart
Mr. Wood
January 25, 2014

Health Essay: Decisions
by Charles Gonzmart

Making the right choice is often difficult, and sometimes we have to make one that while we don't like it, it's the right choice.   When it comes to drugs, this can be quite a challenge in our age and day, with the availability, the peer pressure to partake in them, and the unforgettable "high".   Many kids struggle with drug problems all over America, whether it be taking them, selling them, having a friend or family member do them, or even just thinking about doing them.   "All my friends do them, and they say it's good stuff, so how bad can it be if I just try it?"   Most kids say that in the beginning, talking about how they could handle these drugs and that they are harmless.   They couldn't be more wrong.   Everyday, people are dying from OD, taking drugs that aren't what they think they are, and drug-related actions.   If you can just make the right decision, and stay clean, then none of this could happen to you.   You can't die from something you haven't done.   What I advise is that you do some research and really see what your friends say is true.   Educate yourself about them and apply it to your life, "Do I really want to bring this into my life?   What are the consequences I would face doing these?   How would my drug habit affect the ones I love?   How about my athletics?   If I got caught, what would my future look like?"   These are many questions that you should ask yourself.   You're not the only victim in a drug habit.   Really all you can do is think for yourself, because at the end of the day, and the blunt is in your hand, or you're at some party and the pill is on your tongue, that is a decision you make.   It's ultimately up to you whether to do these or not, and you should be responsible for your actions. I just hope people make the right decision and realize the damaging effects of drugs and how they can steal your life from you in the blink of an eye.

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