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Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: joaks23
  • on June 23, 2014
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Jayla Oaks
English 113
Professor Lipes
October 10, 2013


In this essay I will be discussing the causes and effects on the use of drugs. Drugs have been a very common and controversial topic in today’s society. Drugs can affect your health, lifestyle, and even the economy in many ways. People abuse drugs for the wrong reasons or the right reasons, and I will tell you how.
A few things that drive people to abuse drugs or become addicted to drugs is because they may feel depressed, anxiety, bipolar disorders and etc. “According to a survey drug addiction is a leading cause of child abuse; addiction to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs by parents makes them less responsible for and more violent toward their children.” There are also other circumstances to the use or addiction to drugs like, biological and psychological problems such as low self-esteem, poor stress management.
Alcohol effects consist of amnesia, loss of self-control, and etc. It also leaves complications on your health like nausea, weakness, irritability, anxiety, seizures, and much more. "This is the concern for the medical community, is that alcoholism is clearly prime time in the adolescent and young adult age," Spencer said in the newspaper. “Drinking often loosens people up. The frontal lobes are responsible for the behavioral changes caused by drinking” Spencer also said. Marijuana (which is also known as pot, weed, reefer, etc.) affects your heart rate, consciousness, feelings, Redding of the mouth and eyes, increased appetite; but it doesn’t have any serious complications on your health. Heroin effects consist of pain relief and drowsiness; complication in health consists of being nausea, confusion, coma, or even death. “Overdose deaths attributed to heroin ranged from a high of 312 in 1999 to a low of 106 in 2008. While mean heroin purity rose sharply (1995-1999), the increasing number of patients treated with methadone was not associated with a change in the number of...

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