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Drug Abuse Essay

  • Submitted by: nishaturmi
  • on June 25, 2014
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                Don’t you think drug abuse is a major public health problem impacting

society on multiple levels? Many countries’ top social, economical, and health problems

relate directly to drug abuse. Families are destroyed by drug abuse. Almost everyone

knows someone who is affected by drug abuse. The consequences of drug abuse are very

dangerous in terms of physical, psychological, and social harm.

          Research has shown that drug abuse and addiction can affect almost every

system in our body. Certain drugs have demonstrated the ability to cause brain

damage in users. Inhalants, for instance, have been shown to damage areas of the

brain that control cognition, movement, vision, and hearing (http://www.addict-

help.com). These substances, which include solvents and aerosol sprays, may provoke

varying degrees of destruction to the brain tissue, resulting in cognitive abnormalities

ranging from mild impairment to severe, permanent dementia.

          The liver is faced with the task of removing drugs from the body. As a

result of chronic drug use, the liver can become damaged and diseased. Alcoholism

is a known cause of cirrhosis of the liver, a disease where the liver becomes filled

with scar tissue that impedes its ability to function. Injected drugs can expose the

user to hepatitis C, HIV, and infectious pathogens. A 2008 study by A. Monto

and colleagues in the Journal of Addictive Diseases explains that after years of

deterioration, hepatitis C infection can transition into liver cirrhosis, and that HIV

infection is associated with the progression of liver disease (Kaswan D. 61-71).

          Most abused drugs have some effects on the cardiovascular system, according to

the National Institutes on Drug Abuse. Drugs can increase heart rate and cause

heart attacks. Cocaine is known to cause heart arrhythmias and deaths from cardiac

arrest. Tobacco is a...

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