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Dress Code Essay

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Dress Code and how it Affects Work Ethic Along With Company Sales and Motives
Kevin Peters

                        Dress code can ultimately affect ones work ethic along with the way a company does business. The proper attire can say a lot about the employee and can often affect sales and motives of a company along with the associate. The majority of companies like to keep to a certain dress code that includes business casual and the occasional casual Friday.
Author of the article ‘How does Workplace Attire Affect Productivity’ Andrew Jensen discusses how a dress code can affect positively or negatively on a company and their image. Jensen states, “Across America, company dress codes for employees are as diverse as the employees themselves. From being so strict that hemlines are measured, to telling employees, “you can wear anything, as long as you wear something,” companies certainly seem to be in disagreement over how workplace attire affects productivity.” (2013).Though many companies have different views on the dress code, the more formal business agree that business casual is the appropriate attire. This business casual dress code usually consists of a collared shirt and khakis for males, and slacks or dress with an appropriate hemline for females.
Author Andrew Jensen makes very valid points in his article regarding dress code and how it relates to work ethic by stating, “Some contend that allowing casual attire implies that they allow a casual attitude, which can result in a casual or lazy work ethic.” (2013). Companies believe that if an employee were to dress casual, the work ethic can come as unprofessional and have a lack of caring. Jensen explains that studies have been conducted from The Master’s College located in California discuss, “There is an effect on… performance in the workplace because of casual dress… Casual dress has equally positive and negative effects, and… dress codes may or may not be necessary for professional...

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