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Dream Act Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Dare to DREAM
“O my God, 
Give me a wonderful dream, 
Hope for a successful dream
Give me the best dream. 

I have a dream 
Tonight and, 

A dream within a dream, 
Dream of guardian angel, 
Dream of seeing myself, 
Being success and happy. 

I have a dream
Dream of heaven
Dream of success
Dream of happiness

I have a dream, 
A Dream to become 
What I want to become, 
Dream of my coming

I have a dream, 
Dream to freedom
Dream of enlightenment 
Dreaming endlessly.”(Lawrence CH Hiun).   Children of many different ages, of many different backgrounds, all brought here to the U.S. by their parents.   They had no say so on whether to come here, all of them just following their parent’s guidance.   For what? So they could drop out school because they aren’t allowed to? To work multiple under the table jobs to barley even get by?   To live in fear of getting caught and deported to a land that is foreign to them because America has become their home?   With about 11.7 million immigrants making up this country and that number growing every year, it is also estimated that about 8 million of theses immigrants hold good US jobs. But because they are illegal they are not going to be getting paid the same amount as a legal person would. Most of their money is dealt with under the table, so the company can profit with giving them lower income wages. In turn the US government loses money. So why not make all these illegal immigrants legal? How can we best help these people while resolving some of our own US issues? Introducing the DREAM act. Why not allow the children of these illegal immigrants to get an education higher than high school and become citizens?   Why not allow these immigrants to have a dream?
I. Background of the Issue
The DREAM act is a bipartisan legislation that would allow the immigrant youth who have already graduated from high school and been in America for a while to continue their education without fear. By passing the dream act there would...

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