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Drama Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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How could the personal and social tensions between characters in the plays you have studied be expressed on stage.

In your answer refer to the performance styles, techniques and conventions that you could use in staging two texts set for study.

The Australian plays ruby moon and a beautiful life explore the personal and social tensions between characters. Both plays present a couple in a moment of crisis, and explore the way social tensions have become personal tensions. Australian audiences are able to understand and appriciate these social tensions which the plays present, and equally, to empathise with the personal tensions presented.

The play 'A Beautiful Life' explores the way the social tensions brought about by politically unjust situations, have bubbled into the the personal lives of Jhila and Hamid. Through a series of flashbacks Michael Futcher and Helen Howard bring the reality of the Khomenini regime to life for Australian audiences, making them aware of a situation which they may previously appreciated. In scene 3, Futcher and Howard bring to life the moments in which Hamid is first accused of being a member of the Mojahedin, and his subsequent attempt to escape. Through the use of this flashback, Australian audiences are able to see the affect of social tensions “ We can see your feet. Filthy western slut.” on characters like Hamid “I am.... wanted by regime.” In a classroom workshop, we experimented with the performance of this scene, using physical theatre techniques to show the 'ute' as it took Amir and Hamid away. We used the suggested stage directions “ They clap a sharp, fast rhythm, reflecting their fear and excitement.” This is a strong sense of tension, emphasising to the audience   the danger of their situation. This enabled me to appreciate the way in which Australian drama and theatre can express personal and social tensions.

Equally, Matt Cameron's play 'Ruby Moon' explores social tensions-in particular the Australian obsession...

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