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Dr.Herbert Smitherman Essay

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  • on March 25, 2014
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Dr. Herbert   Smitherman
By: K.S
On March 23, 1937 Herbert Charles Smithman was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Alberta Smith Smitherman and Rev. James Otis Smitherman . On October 9, 2010 Herbert died in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was an inventor , a chemist and an excutive pioneer that opened doors at Proctor & Gamble Co. for African Americans and other ethnic groups.
He was also the first African American hired by Proctor & Gamble Co with a P.H.D in physical organic chemistry. Herbert Smitherman invented all types of things before and after he studied at Tuskegee Institute he invented things that people can't go without today like Crest toothpaste, Safeguard soap, Bounce fabric softners, Folgers coffee and Crush flavored sodas among other stuff. I think the three things that influenced Mr. Smitherman is the three colleges he attended Tuskegee Institute, Howard University and Wilberforce University.
In my opinion they all inlfluenced in to be better in alot of ways because Tuskegeee is where he met his wife of 51 years, Howard is where he got his P.H.D and Wilberforce is where he enlightened many students on his world of historical innovation.
The role of siginificance in education on Mr. Smitherman behalf was to help better black children to be better at math and science so he taught at Western Hills technology and also to enlighten them and help them to understand the change and transformation in history.
Dr. Smitherman has acoomplished a lot in history such as working for Proctor & Gamble for 29 years and after turning in his labcoat and retiring he then became the assistant vice president of academic affairs and professor of chemistry at Wilberforce University for four years and after wilberforce, from 2000-2009 he served as principal at Western Hills Desgin Technology High and other high schools.
Dr. smitherman deserves respect for his acknowlodgements because he was very determined to go to college, become successful, he is inspiring...

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