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Domestic Surveillance Essay

  • Submitted by: Ldeuel1
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Domestic Surveillance
Lori Deuel
SOC 120
Tori Taylor
January 20, 2014

    Although Domestic Surveillance can be seen as an invasion of privacy, watching the American people keeps us safe. Domestic Surveillance is the eyes and ears of big box companies, cities, big companies that control new technology, banks, hospitals, schools, and airports. Big box companies would have cameras on the sales floor, in the warehouses, pointed at the cashiers, and ears in the break room. Companies that would create new technology would have cameras and ears in the boardroom. Banks have cameras throughout the building. Airports are watching everything everyone is doing.
    Domestic Surveillance in the airport can pick up facial recognition for terrorists and that would be utilitarian theory because it would be for the greater good of the world. Some would argue that this would infringe on our privacy. “In 2011 the department of justice released the report Study: Evaluating the use of Public Surveillance Cameras for crime control and prevention” (Schreiber, 2013). Deontology focuses on the task itself being ethical. Deontology is the means to justify the ends. Meaning Airports having all the cameras can be justified by being able to identify a terrorist if needed. The perspective emotivism is not either one it is the emotion that is being felt by one. Which could be different for each individual.
    Applying Utilitarianism is the fact that the cameras would protect the individual from possible harm. Applying Deontology would be planting listening devices in boardrooms to steal technology from a competitor that took an idea of the original owner and made it better. Speakers can be used in a boardroom as eavesdropping devices. Miniature tape recorders left in a brief case are prime suspects in any information leak. New digital models can operate for over 1200 hours. Phone systems are great for hearing in on conversations. Radio waves can transmit information...

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