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Doll House Essay

  • Submitted by: baseballguy21
  • on March 19, 2012
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Is the work of Ibsen, A Doll's House, and an example of a traditional tragedy in literature? First, I must look at the classic definition of a tragedy in literature. According to all Webster’s Dictionary, a tragedy is: medieval poem describing the fall of a great man and serious drama with a conflict between a protagonist and a superior force ending in sorrow or disaster that brings forth pity or terror. According to our text and class lecture notes further and more specifically define a tragedy as needing to have a member of royalty as the heroes, not members of the middle class, but, however, the tragic hero is put into an extraordinary position, meanwhile the hero or heroine has a tragic flaw which leads to the downfall in the end, and the center of the overall conflict is a moral or ethical dilemma. Also, like most all other works in literature there are always protagonists and antagonists. I will analyze A Doll’s House in relation to the above traditional definition. Ibsen’s story does not fit the first part of the definition because there is no royalty at all in the story. The closest thing would be in that one main character was a businessman, Torvald Helmer, and the other main character, his wife, Nora. Neither of them could be classified as royalty in that they were members if common society even though they were financially well off. Other highly visible characters were a medical doctor and a lawyer. Again, none of these characters were anywhere near being members of royalty.
The heroine, Nora, was put in an extraordinary position, even though some of severe circumstance was self-imposed. Nora also lived and suffered through a moral dilemma, again self-imposed. She was put in a subordinated position initially by her father as he gave her away in marriage to Torvald. When she was passed from a situation where she was protected and controlled by her father to her husband where he also severely controlled her life. Even though Torvald did not perceive he...

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