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Doing Business in Russia Essay

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Countries of the former Soviet block adjust to the global factors and conditions of socio- economic development in parallel to their revolutionary efforts to substitute the totalitarian system of the past with democracy and free market. While the level of success of such a transition varies among different countries, Russia with no doubt is overcoming the most substantial changes of systemic nature in macro- and microeconomic framework, in political structure, in peoples’ motivation and entrepreneurship, and in cultural norms and behaviors in the society. There are visible signs of openness of Russia and establishing civilized business practices. The number of enterprises and people who act as entrepreneurs and real business leaders is growing in the market-oriented economy. The business community has begun to understand that intangible assets such as cultural variables (at both organizational and national levels) and certain leadership styles and behavior can be the sources of competitive advantage. The leaders of the large industrial corporations are quite interested in effective organizational development. This presents the new stage in development of management mentality of the Russians, and the process of building the critical mass of people able and willing to manage their businesses in a “modern” way.
Although the Russian approach to business is very heavily influenced by Russian cultural characteristics and the impact of the Soviet past.  The main features of Russian culture are rooted in Slavic history, Orthodox religion, and specific features of climate and nature. As an enormous geographic area, it is dangerous to ever generalize about Russia but certain universal truths do, however, typify the Russian approach to business and life in general. Firstly, it is always worth bearing in mind that for centuries (long before the advent of the Soviet system), the state has always been seen as an organ of oppression and repression. Contracts are valid or could...

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