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Dodd Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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Book Report
Name: LCpl Walton, Diamond t. Grade: E3 Date: 20140618 Unit: PSD 18
Book Tittle: Leading Marines Author: C. S. Forester

Why I chose this book:   I choose this book because it is on the Marine Corps reading list for Jr marines, to gain a basic concept and building grounds of how to led marines as I transition from Jr marine into a NCO and to aide my advancement through my marine corps career.  
Give a brief description about this book: This book is about a British riflemen in the 95th Regiment of Foot named Matthew Dodd. In this book Dodd gets separated in from his unit and is pursued by the French forces that are their enemy. Once he outruns the Frenchmen and kills them, Dodd decides to take to the Tagus River in hopes of following it to Lisbon to rejoin the British army. Unfortunately for Dodd the French army were already ahead of him so he joins up with a group of Portuguese guerillas.   Two months later Dodd hears filmier cannon fire and him and two friends go and check out the scene. When they arrive the see that the cannon fire is the British army trying to destroy materials for a bridge the French was building. The French could not stop British fire so they moved all they’re building material to a different location where British forces could not reach them. Dodd decides to destroy the bridge himself. Dodd and his two friends return to the guerillas camp only to find out that it had been found by the French forces and the men of their group hung. After stealing food to last them some time the set off to find the new location of the bridge but before they find it they are found by a French patrol. Dodd escapes but his friends are caught and hung so Dodd decides to carry out his mission alone. He succeeds in burning down the bridge however he never learns that the French forces got orders the same day to burn it down themselves due to a retreat ordered by Massena. Dodd manages to avoid the French as they retreated and is reunited with his...

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