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Doctor Essay

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The Crucible
Act One

Key Vocabulary

  * Puritans: The Puritans left Europe for the New World in 1620 and established colonies in Massachusetts. They believed their branch of Christianity (originating from The Church of England) was ‘pure’ and they sought to eliminate all aspects of Catholicism.  
  * Quakers: Another conservative branch of Christianity
  * Autocracy: A society that is ruled by a single person with unlimited power
  * Theocracy: A society which is governed by a combination of government and religious power.
  * Oppression: The govern or treats somebody unjustly or cruelly
  * Repression: To keep down, restrain, supress
  * Bewilderment: To be in a confused, lost state of mind
  * Striving: Browbeating a victim until they make a confession

Fear, Freedom and Oppression P. 13-16

Short answer questions: Use your annotations made on p. 13-6 to answer the following questions:
  1. Why did the people of Salem fear the surrounding regions?


  2. What kind of society did the people of Salem develop?


  3. What kind of conflict did this autocratic society encounter?...

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