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Do over Essay

  • Submitted by: jredfern22
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: English
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I use to say that there was not a moment of my life that I do “do-over” regrets

we’re Not my thing. To me even the moments of wrong decisions were simply lessons

learned, But life has a way of changing your perspective. When you get older you realize

that some possibly not so positive emotions may have gotten in the way of different  

Outcomes or at the very least, and experience you may enjoyed. As I reflected on this and

Began to really think about missed opportunities due to my choices in high school If I

had one “do-over” it would be to attend high school again.

I realized that in retrospect there were two things; I could have done differently I

would have learned to study more; I was a huge procrastinator mostly because I got most

academics at least enough to move on to the next level, I would have chosen to focus on my school work

more than hanging with my friends. I would have cared less about having fun after

school; instead I should have stayed home, and done   homework and study more. I

would have focused on been more involved in class. However If   I had learned to study,

I would have been much better suited for college.  

I would have love to be involved in school activities; such as talent shows, marching

bands, and other school functions. I never got the chance to do any of   that; I was shy

and always cared about what others said or think. If I could get the opportunity to walk

across the stage at graduation with my friends, my life would be much better; I never got

the chance to experience that. I became pregnant my senior year in high school and was

not able to walk across the stage to receive my diploma. Sometimes I wish I could do it

all over again, I could have achieve so much more, but I made it and that’s all what

matters the most; I would have definitely been more outgoing less shy, and more social.  

If I would have stayed focused in high school, I...

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  • Submitted by: jredfern22
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: English
  • Length: 617 words
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