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Divine Interest Essay

  • Submitted by: john666
  • on March 18, 2012
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One of the most controversial topics disputed in the world concerns the existence of a higher power that governs human destiny, fate, and action. Over the years, humans have attempted to explain the origin of this power through different religions, works of art, and literature. The attempted explanations address how much power these beings have, in what ways they intervene in human life, and whether or not these beings have predetermined paths for our lives. Poetry is one medium through which humans have attempted to explain the complex world in which we live in.   “Design” by Robert Frost and “To a Waterfowl” by William Cullen Bryant both advocate the presence and intervention of a higher being in humans’ lives; however, each poem suggests a drastic difference in the intentions of this higher being: “Design” suggests a malevolent God and “To a Waterfowl” suggests a benevolent one.
Explicitly, “Design” is about the existence of a God and his effort to control nature. In the first stanza of “Design”, the speaker introduces us to three “assorted characters” (line 4): a spider, a heal-all (a usually violet-flowered plant that was thought to have healing powers), and a moth. All three are described in the poem as white. These three isochromatic “characters” have all coincidentally collided in the early morning. In a disturbing image, the speaker describes the spider brandishing the rigid, dead moth “like a paper kite” (line 8). In the second stanza, the speaker comments on the rarity of the fact that all three beings happened to be white. He implies that some other-worldly God must have forced this coincidence to happen; and if this is so, he questions why this God would put so much effort into controlling something so small and unimportant.
With this in mind, Frost simply and ironically speculates on the existence of a malevolent God. “Design” contains many ironic contradictions. The word “dimpled”, in the first line of the poem, describes a spider. This is odd...

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