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Divina Commedia Essay

  • Submitted by: LuciaGrotti
  • on February 26, 2014
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The Divine Comedy was written by Dante Alighieri ,approximately   between 1306 and 1309, when Dante was under the final sentence of exile. Historical thought is that the first seven songs, of   hell, were started before Dante left Florence, and that only at a later time when the writings were sent to him he continued to write them.
Hell is conceived by Dante as a giant chasm in a conical shape that opens from Jerusalem to the center of the earth. Hell is divided into nine concentric circles that extend up to the frozen lake of Cocytus , where Lucifer, the prince of darkness, had been put.
The initial structure of hell opens with the Antinferno where the angels are punished because in the battle between God and Lucifer they remained neutral; with them the slothful are also punished, they are those people who during their lives have never stood on the side of good or bad.
After   the Antinferno is Acheron and with him we enter   the first circle called Limbo, where we find   the souls of children who die without receiving baptism, and all those who were born before God, but that followed all the good habits of humans . They are devoid of physical torment but are psychologically tormented for not having known the true God.   The beginning of true Hell, characterized by the most terrible physical pain, starts at this point . To determine the punishment of the damned Dante draws on medieval legal tradition and the practice of the law of his time. The criterion of punishment is called ‘’contrappasso’’ . By   contrappasso (but Dante is one- p) , we mean the correspondence, the relationship between guilt and penalty attached to the various sinners. The first example of contrappasso is in canto III, where the slothful, who never took a position, do not ever pursue an ideal and are doomed to run without stopping behind a streamer with no meaning . They are pierced by wasps and hornets , which stimulate them as they never had been stimulated during their...

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