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Diversity Activity Essay

  • Submitted by: kiahjayden7
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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1. Describe the diversity activity that you participated in.
The diversity activity that I participate in was lunch time at my children`s school. Because my students attend a bilingual school that has a lot of Hispanic students in their population I decided to visit their school to see how Hispanics interact with other cultures during lunch time. As I watched the various classes come into the cafeteria I was amazed at how well the Hispanic students interacted with students of other ethnic groups and did not see race when interacting with them but were care free and engaged in friendly chatter. They did not segregate themselves based on race but socialized with all ethnic groups and talked to their friends that were at their table regardless of color.
  2. Describe what you learned about yourself by participating in this diversity activity.
What I learned is that children of other ethnic groups do not see color when they are interacting with one another but just view each other as peers for them to play with. When they fight they are not fighting over ethnic differences but rather over silly things that normal children argue over. When they are learning in class they do not discriminate when it is time to work in groups based on race, this is very true in the elementary grades where race is not even an issue between peers. It is not until they reach the upper grades that they begin to realize the different cultures that are in their classroom and around them on a daily basis.
  3. Describe what did you learned about others by participating in this diversity activity.
From this activity I learned that people of other ethnic backgrounds have more things in common than they actually think. I learned that it is important to approach learning about other cultures with open minds and leave your biases at the front door so that you can grasp the knowledge that they are imparting.
  4. Would you consider the diversity activity successful in expanding your awareness...

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