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Dissecting Customer Service Phone Calls Essay

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Dissecting Customer Service Phone Calls
    Dissecting customer service calls is an important tool for business management to monitor, train, and improve the personnel and the customer service techniques. It helps analyze various specters of customer support as well as to determine the flaws and misconducts, when handling the phone calls. For example, one of Cinemark customer service directors considers the review of service calls a powerful method to improve and develop communications of support employees with existing and new customers. Besides, according to the director, good customer care employees provide an effective response for company’s marketing research and analysis. ("Cinemark", 2013) Therefore, dissecting at least five recorded conversations per week may be essential for understanding the weaknesses of provided service options as well as maintaining and improving quality standards of the company. The dissection of recorded calls allowed many corporations understand the need of reducing the time customers used to be kept on hold.   Also, it sparked the development automated systems, which assist customer call centers identify and direct inquires to competent professionals.
    One of IMAX customer care directors emphasizes the fact that recording and dissecting calls dramatically improved the image of the corporation and helped resolve many technical imperfections.  ("Imax", 2010-2013) This can become a critical factor when the company supports new products or services, for it creates a good feedback source.   In some cases, the dissection of calls defines the strategic vectors of product development and optimization of quality assurance. Thus, one of the main reasons companies record customer calls is to be able to dissect them, properly analyzing and evaluating employees’ performance.
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