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Discussion for P6 Essay

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P6 Discussion
Introduction is the process carried out when a business has recruited a new employee. It allows an individual to be introduced to a position or organisation.
Individual is immediately comfortable with their job role.
Cost effective for the origination
Time consuming
Need to use another employee in the business to provide introduction
If the introduction is not performed at a high standard, the individual may make mistakes in the near future.
Training provides an individual with teaching. It allows the individual to learn a new skill or the ability to broaden their range of skills. An example would be if new technology was introduced an individual will need training to be able to use the up-to-date technology.
The employer can chose what skills they want the employee to learn
The new skills used are then performed within the work place
Up-to-date training provides more production in a work place

Some employees will benefit from training in comparison to others
Training can be expensive
Training can be time consuming

Performance appraisal
Performance appraisal is a method used in businesses. The performance appraisal allows employers to assess the job performance of an employee. The employee will be evaluated then reviewed.
Gives the employer a chance to review their employees
Gives the employer the chance to see if the employees need further training
Can provide stress to the employees as they want to do their best when being evaluated
Can be biased because it is a human assessment

On-the job training
On the job training is when an employee is provided with further training inside their normal environment
Gives the employee something different to do whilst in the work place
Opportunity to learn from others within the work place
Cheaper than sending them elsewhere for training

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