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Discrimination Essay

  • Submitted by: lisosval
  • on February 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Discrimination" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I came to this country just a few months ago, and I began working at a cafeteria as a cashier, always trying to do my best helping customers. Suddenly, a very tall man with straight blond hair walked into the restaurant. He began to look at the pictures of the meals we had on display. After looking at the menu, his face showed content. I was attending other customers but aware of his presence at the same time. My job was to make everyone feel welcome, and on me depended that this person would return to the restaurant once more, and perhaps become a regular client. His face was rather serious, but also had nice features. He seemed to be an amiable person.

He spent 15 minutes looking at every detail in the restaurant, the menu, the tables, the customers, the meals that they ordered and the manners of the waitress. His attitude started to irritate me. He then walked slowly to the register where I was standing, and I began to feel nervous. He stopped right in front of me, looking straight to my eyes. His gaze changed my nervousness into fear. My heart began to pound louder. It started to feel uncomfortable, so I decided to ask if he needed assistance.   I asked in English because I assumed he didnt know Spanish.

He did not reply for a moment, looking confused. Then, he opened his mouth just to say, “I did not understand.” My heart was beating even stronger, I was confused. I asked him again, this time with a shakily voice. "Do you need help sir?" He replied with a question, "What is your native tongue girl?" I was in shock; he was mad and I could see it in his face. I only answered: “I’m sorry, I speak Spanish. I have been here for just few months. I’m still learning English.”

He was closed minded. He couldn’t understand that a young lady like me didn’t speak English. He started yelling at me saying that he knew I was one of those immigrants without documents who came to this country to steal jobs from the residents. I understood perfectly what he said and...

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