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Discipline and Instruction Essay

  • Submitted by: cranberrymof
  • on August 31, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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The manipulation of a society into docile bodies, as defined by Michel Foucault, through the use of surveillance and punishment is shown in the chapter Discipline and instruction from Understanding Foucault (Danaher et al., 2000) to be the most efficient way in which societal hierarchy is achieved.   The Chapter investigates and analyzes Foucault’s writings on the way in which society is monitored by a governing body; whether the government and its various divisions, or our own friends and family. It also investigates how we can take authority over our own societal placement and bodily image and how this can sometimes occur subconsciously. The existence of behaviour modification, self judgement and surveillance of the general populous have become so ingrained in our everyday life, that they have been accepted as customary and anyone who does not conform to these somewhat social expectations will be punished lawfully or in some cases bullied, as to reintroduce a sense of normality. Various institutions and departments enforce an overall surveillance of certain types of people, for example Danaher et al (2000) states: the education system can “monitor our progress, pass judgement upon us, and mould our attitudes and behaviours in various ways. In these ways, discipline and knowledge “make” certain kinds of people.” (Page 50) This chapter also analyzes Foucault’s idea of “micro-society” and how this idea is now implemented within our own society, mostly without our knowledge.

Foucault has many arguments and theories, in which only a few are explained in this chapter. The main argument that is explained by Danaher et al is how discipline is used to shape communities and how this relates to prisons. Discipline is described as both a positive and negative force (Page 50) in which both have the power to shape a community and ensure a strong societal hierarchy. Although it is explained that both of these forces are used together, the chapter mainly focuses on the...

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