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Discipline Essay

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J. Brown
ADM 464-Human Resource Administration Discipline in the workplace

“He that cannot obey cannot command.” Benjamin Franklin

Discipline is a tool used to correct and mold the practices of employees to help them perform better so they conform to acceptable standards. However, discipline in the workplace has more than one purpose. Employers develop and implement disciplinary and corrective-action policies for a variety of reasons, ranging from instructing proper workplace processes to deciding who gets promoted from within. It goes without saying that disciplinary actions should be taken only for justifiable reasons, and that employees should be treated fairly and consistently.
Disciplinary review and corrective-action policies provide workplace structure. They establish guidelines for employee performance and behavior and add an essential component to the overall management system. Disciplinary review and corrective action enforce workplace guidelines contained in employee handbooks, standard operating procedures and employment agreements. Outlining workplace policies is not enough; management must consistently discipline employees who fail to adhere to them. Disciplinary review also helps identify toxic behavior in the workplace. Employees who disregard policies and procedures are subject to various disciplinary measures. Ultimately, an employer’s disciplinary policy helps justify actions to remove toxic behavior from the workplace, such as suspension or termination. Discipline helps employees improve their performance. In some cases, employees are unaware of behavior and actions that prevent them from achieving acceptable performance levels. The purpose of workplace discipline is to alert employees of their behavior and actions and help them understand how these inhibit performance and productivity. Disciplinary review is an appropriate method for supervisors to use to help employees attain performance levels that

meet employers' expectations....

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