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Disabled People in Kazakhstan Essay

  • Submitted by: asekad
  • on February 27, 2014
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Situation of disabled people in Kazakhstan.

Duisenbayeva Asel
Academic Reading and Writing Course GEN 1120

Instructor : Saule Abdramanova

28 November 2012

People have everything in the society, they do not have any limitations and restrictions in the community, and do they ever think how lucky they are? Thousands of disabled people dream about such life. Nowadays, disabled people are a vulnerable cell of Kazakhstan’s community; they are removed from the social life. Disabled people have the same rights as everyone else, though, they are discriminated against, and they do not have an access to the things which are important for everyone, i.e. people with disabilities cannot get a good education, have a job, and fully participate in the community. Certainly, in some cases people with disabilities will never be able to do something as a healthy person but it does not mean to infringe their rights. In a way, Oliver (1982) says that people are disabled not by their bodies, they are disabled by society. The state of disabled people in Kazakhstan can be improved by altering attitude to them; this first step can change the whole life of disabled people.
            The Soviet Union government dissembled disabled people to make the country ideal, every deviation could ruin status of the USSR. Even after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, people tend to forget a great number of people with disabilities. Disabled people are the synonym of poverty and misery in Kazakhstan’s impression. There is a complex of the rights in Kazakhstan that defend and support people with disabilities, however, these rights are usually infringed that makes disabled people live in the shade. People with disabilities living in the big cities collide with the serious obstacles; moreover, they have to survive in the world which is made for «able-bodied». Statistics show that there are 563 000 of disabled people in Kazakhstan, and most of them live in...

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