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Digital Printing Essay

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Jeremy Haslem
1st Period
Digital Printing

Digital printing is used to make vinyl banners which act as POP displays on sun board and soft board
Outdoor banners printed digitally
Banners and signs outside are usually done by “Outdoor” digital printing.
Suitable for Different Kinds of Fabrics, especially for pieces of clothing.

Digital printing produces images, colors and patterns by using computer controlled ink jet nozzles
Digital printing is a non-contact method to print colors on various materials of substrate decoration.
This high speed digital printing system can print up to 2,880 pictures and hour, using 8 different colors.
T-shirts are commonly used for digital printing.

From the first images sketched in caves by early man to the accessibility of digital printing techniques using personal computers and laser printers, the history of printing is long and distinguished. Although there have been images depicted in various formats for thousands of years, it wasn't until the development of the moveable printing press in approximately 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg that the process of recreating an image of text by the printing process was more widely recognized.
Although there had been some printing undertaken by the use of wooden blocks, Gutenberg's printing press allowed for numerous copies of texts to be created in a short space of time and revolutionized the development of the written word throughout the world. For several hundred years, Gutenberg's press was unchallenged in the publishing field and it was not until the twentieth century that any real adjustments and improvements were made to the original design.
The expansion of the industrial revolution spread to the printing press and hand-set type and pressing was soon replaced by steam...

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