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Digital Audio in Radio Broadcasting Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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1.0) GENERAL ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL AUDIO 1.2) Stereo phase stability
FOR RADIO BROADCAST Moreover, the phase coherency resulting from the same
The improvements to audio fidelity that digital audio speed stability solves another nagging problem for the raprovides
are by now well known. Widened dynamic range dio engineer, mono compatibility of playback sources. The
in the amplitude domain and fiat response in the frequency proliferation of broadcast audio cartridge ("cart") format
domain are of much use to the broadcaster as to anyone over the last decade or more has improved the convenience
else. Digital audio's fitime fidomain fidelity is of perhaps and speed of operation in the broadcast control room, but
more specific interest to radio broadcasters than to the gen- often at the expense of audio fidelity, especially in the area
eral user, in both the "macro" (time) and "micro" (phase) of tape-path azimuth stability. Digital audio's enhancement
sense, of performancein thisregardexceedseventhat of analog
open reel by a wide margin, providing rock-steady stereo
1.1) Timing Accuracy imaging and consistently perfect mono compatibility.
Most analog audio recording systems have no integral While some concern has been voiced in the industry respeed
control system, nor any need for synchronization to garding the use of time-shared single D-to-A conveners on
an external reference, and therefore rely on purely mechan- some less-expensive CD players, for example, the mono
ical means for the determination of their recording and re- sum problem introduced by this application is quite minor
production speeds. The recent introduction of center-track when compared to even a well-aligned cartridge deck
timecode on two-track analog tape recorders, and the use
of timecode on analog multitrack tape recorders are, of 1.3) Other advantages
course, exceptions, but such hardware is not frequently Another "secondary" attribute of digital audio systems
found in today's...

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