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Different Views on Gender Issues Essay

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Below is an essay on "Different Views on Gender Issues" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Different Views on Gender Issues
Liberal feminists argue that our society holds the false belief that women are, by nature, less intellectually and physically capable than men, it tends to discriminate against women. In order to challenge the inequality, liberal feminists work hard to emphasize the equality of men and women and trying to achieve equal opportunities.
At work place, liberal feminists aim to eliminate inequalities such as vertical and horizontal segregation and unequal pays. The segregation is mainly caused by the structural functionalists’ view that women should work in the traditional female dominated industries forever to remain the current social structure and continue to be the subordinates of male. Structural functionalists fail to catch the trend that more and more women are entering the previous male-dominated industries and structuralists should not view females as puppets who do not their own wills. Unlike structural functionalists, liberal feminists are pushing the trend of more females in male-dominated industries. They think women should have the equal rights and opportunities at work place and should be viewed as same as male.
However, liberal feminists’ view is criticized by many other theories. Firstly, liberal feminists’ view that women and men are same is not true. According to the radical view, gender differences are rooted in myths, stories, languages and common senses. It is the environment that women grow up makes women different from men and more suitable to certain traditional roles and women dominated industries. It is true that women are not same as men. They are generally better at some aspects (e.g. they are more patient and cautious), more suitable to jobs such as secretary, nursery and teaching, and weaker at other aspects (e.g. emotion control and physical works), less suitable to jobs such as constructions, mechanics and firefighters. Treating women equally does not mean treat them as same as men which is...

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