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Diary on American West Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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1st April 1841
It is Sunday morning, I can see the rise of the sun glittering through my battered wooden window; I can hear the hustle and bustle of the enormous crowds of people yelling loudly across the valley. The distant shouting of my father and mother could be heard in the room adjoined to mine; it was the usual today my mother and father arguing about the move to the land of the fullerene. The plains. The plains are toward the west whereas we live in the east in Mississippi. Our conditions are not good, we are living on the scraps of what my father makes in the farmland each day, but it is not enough, only enough to provide us with food, but our needs and wants are limited. My Father has to go 6 days a week for 8 hours to the farmland to grow crops. It has been years possibly months but there has still not been healthy development and growth in the crops.
Every morning I hear, my father arguing with my mother trying to persuade her to go to Oregon. You see my father has heard many tales of the land of flowing milk and honey on the shores of the pacific. My Father continuously tells me stories about this land that it has unknown delicacies, things that we are unable to see even in our dream. My father says this land is remarkably adapted in the culture of vine, olive, figs and almonds grow well. Apples pears and peaches are abundant and that in the South part oranges as well. The community here is too crowded and it seem as the days pass by the population expands, one day it seem that it will grow so big that people will be unable to breathe.                                                                                         hear my father's shout again "why don’t you understand my dear, this land is full of rich soils and harvest, what possesses not wanting to go" My father is a man of his words and I believe what he says will be true, however my mother is slightly cautious, she seems to be worried of living in even worse conditions than now if we do...

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