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Diagnosing Organizational Stakeholders Essay

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Web Exercise 1- Diagnosing Organizational Stakeholders

Select a company and retrieve and analyze publicly available information over the past year or two about the company. This information may include annual reports, which are usually found on the websites of publicly traded companies. Where possible, you should also scan full- text newspaper and magazine databases for articles published over the previous year about the company.

Students will select a company and investigate the relevance and influence of various stakeholder groups on the organization. Stakeholders can be identified from annual reports, newspaper articles, website statements and other available sources. Stakeholders should be rank- ordered in terms of their perceived importance to the organization.
Link: http://annualreport.ayala.com.ph/uploads/Ayala_2012_Annual_Report.pdf


1. What are the main reasons certain stakeholders are more important than others for this organization?
Degree of influence of stakeholders will vary depending on nature of business activities and who holds power. This is because they are the owners of the company. Based on importance, the shareholders are on top. The company gets the source of funds from the investments of these shareholders. These shareholders (as stakeholders) typically exert high influence - voting on key company decisions for they are the founders of this company and make very major decisions that can greatly affect the futurity of the company. The interests of shareholders should be a significant legal, strategic, and self-preservation concern to any executive. And since shareholders’ interests tend to revolve around returns on their investment (particularly earnings, market capitalization, and stock value), the company’s leaders should have those interests.
2. On the basis of your knowledge of the organization's environmental situation, is this rank order of stakeholders in the organization's best interest or should...

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