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Diabetes Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Diabetes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic life long disease marked by high levels of sugar in the blood. The pancreas produces a hormone called “Insulin”. Diabetes can be cause by too little insulin or a resistance to insulin. People with diabetes have high blood sugar because the pancreas does not make enough insulin or your organs don’t respond to insulin easily. Our bodies digest food in a certain way to use what we need for energy. Sugar called glucose enters our blood stream. Glucose is fuel for our bodies and it help us stay energized. The pancreas breaks up the glucose and turns it into insulin and moves it through out our body to give us the energy we need. If you have diabetes one of the reasons is that your pancreas does not make enough insulin or your liver and muscle cells don’t respond to insulin easily.
There are three types of diabetes
1. Type 1: Usually is diagnosed in childhood this type makes little or no insulin. Daily shots of insulin are needed.
2. Type 2: Usually is diagnosed in adulthood this type the pancreas does not make enough insulin to keep the blood sugars in the body at a normal level. This happens because your body does not respond well to insulin.
3. Gestational: is high blood glucose that develops at any time during your pregnancy. Women with this type of diabetes are in risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

So of the risk factors for diabetes are

Family history
Age 45 and older
Gestational diabetes during pregnancy
Heart Disease
High cholesterol
No exercise
Also ethnicity can play a factor in diabetes

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