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Developmental Psyc Study Guide Essay

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Below is an essay on "Developmental Psyc Study Guide" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Psych 150 Exam 1 Review Sheet

Use this review sheet as a guide for studying. Remember that you are responsible to cover ALL lecture and text materials.

Introduction (Ch 1)

What is the science of human development or developmental psychology?
  * Seeks to understand how and wh people –all kinds, change over time.
What are the steps of the scientific research?
What is the critical period? What is sensitive period?
What are the five assumptions of life-span human development?
  1. Multidirectional- Gains and losses, unpredictable change
  2. Multidisciplinary- across many academic fields
  3. Multicontextual- historic context, socio-economic
  4. Multicultural-
  5. Plastic- interaction between nature and nurture, that ability to change things
What is ecological-systems approach?
How would you design a cross-sectional, longitudinal, or cross-sequential research?
Cross-sectional- Groups of people of one age are compared to a group of another age.
Longitudinal- Collecting data repeatedly on the same individual over time as they age.
Cross-Sequential- study several age groups over time. A mix between the top two.
What is quantitative research? Qualitative research?
Quantitative research- Provides data that can be expressed with numbers
Qualitative research-Descriptions of particular conditions and participants’ expressed ideas

Theories of Development (Ch 2)

Why do we need theories about human development?
  * Provides a frame work of how and why people change as they age
  * Offers practical guidance
What are the three grand theories of human development? Who are some key people who established those theories? What does each theorist emphasize among different aspects of human psychology and development?  
  1. Psychoanalytical Theory
  * Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
      * Id; impulse for pleasure Ego; gratification to reality principle. Super Ego; society values
  * Erik Erikson
      * 8 stages of lide...

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