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Development of Secure Atm Software Essay

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Automated teller machines popularly known as atm’s is an electronic telecommunications device   that enables clients of a bank to peform financial transactions without the need for a cashier or bank teller. This technology   has been introduced to make banking easier and faster for the Ghanaian population. Money is wired from the bank into these machines daily. Customers are able to withdraw money by inserting a card with a unique pin   into an allotted slot on the machine. A pre programmed software within the machine then directs the customer as to how the withdrawal should be done. But in recent times, theft of money from this machines by hackers have become very rampant and are causing a lot of customers to shy away from the use of the machines and is also causing the banks to lose a lot of money. Expertly skilled programmers known as hackers break into the atms by infecting the software within them with very damaging threats called malicious software(malware).This malware disrupts the operation of the atms and gathers sensitive information like account numbers and pins of the people who use the atm’s and this enables them to have access to the bank accounts of these people.
To solve this problem, we intend to design and build a very airtight and secure software to replace the current software within the atms   within the scope of about six months. This project is being pursued for the sole purpose of making banking easier and risk free for the Ghanaian people and when this project is complete it would restore the confidence of customers in using the atm’s. Many atm software have been developed by project teams like phoenix interactive which is American based and Korala Associates Limited (KAL) .We intend to make   our software marginally better than theirs by incorporating an antivirus and a facial recognition software into our version. These   will block the operation of malware and the facial recognition software will not allow...

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