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Development of Corrections Essay

  • Submitted by: amandacampbell88
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Development of Corrections

Amanda Campbell


Ed Campbell

Development of Corrections

Before the 1800's, many women were treated the same as men when it came to being incarcerated. The crime rate for women was so low that there was not really a need to have a separate location just for women. The few women who were sentenced to serve prison time were housed in the same locations as the male prisoners, and were all treated the same. This lead to the women being abused by the inmates and guards. Over the next two hundred years, women's prisons would change almost completely to be separated from the men, and be guarded primarily by women.
According to the text, the three basic arguments that supported the separation of juvenile prisoners from adult prisoners were that “the penitentiary regimen was too hard on tender youth, juveniles would learn bad habits from older criminals and be embittered by the experience of confinement, and that adolescents could be reformed if they were diverted early enough into institutions designed specifically for people their age.” (Foster, B. 2006). Before there was a separation between juveniles and adult offenders, they were all treated the same. Children as young as seven were being tried as adults, and those who were 14 and older were sentenced with capital punishments. If there were no distinction between juvenile and adult prisoners, I believe that things would revert to how they used to be, in all offenders being housed together and treated the same.
The purpose of prison labor was to physically punish offenders for being in prison in the first place. If they were in prison or jail, they were going to work to pay for their housing costs while being in prison. The inmates would work six days a week, and would have no time to sit around. They were working all day. The prison labor system declined because many people started to focus on changing the behavior and attitudes of offenders, and not...

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