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Development Essay

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Jewellery/Fashion wear:

  a. Jewellery/fashion wear is a multi-million pound business with culture influencing many fashion designers.   In your opinion why has culture played such a significant role?

In my opinion, culture has played such a significant role in fashion because of the colours and patterns that are so well known for. For example, India and Africa are know well for vibrant bright colours. Fashion follows identify these and used a selection of these colours in the clothing lines and jewellery. Furthermore, the types of materials they use range from silk to embodied beads that give some items of clothing and intruket design.

  b. Imagery, Shape and size can have a significant impact on jewellery and fashion wear, please list 5 things relating to culture/religion you may use as or on a final product.
  * Vibrant colours
  * Wooden or bright coloured beads
  * Material
  * Design such as Aztec
  * Native animals

  c. Can you list different products you could make that relate to a culture or religion as well as indicating the material/s you may use?
  * Firstly I may make a beaded necklace to correspond with some of the existing Indian Jewellery. I would most probably use gold coloured material to make this as that is the most common colour used in Indian jewellery.
  * The next thing I could make is a wooden charmed necklace to intertwine with the African theme. These may have some kind of black markings on with different types of beads separating the larger components of the necklace.
  * Finally, I could design a Indian head piece, casted our of metal to fit on the head, with different coloured beads around and dangling from the product. The beads would be multicoloued with gold or silver structure.

  * Tableware: This option provides a good range of products to be designed and made for many events whether it before a one off occasion e.g. birthdays or for daily/weekly use.   Can you identify three potential...

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