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Desktop Published Assignment Essay

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Activity 1: Portfolio of workplace examples

Option 1.   Advertisements:

Figure 1 Figure 2

In figure 1 the main heading stands out from the rest of the text, details are sorted and the colour is eye candy.   While in figure 2 the heading is overshadowed by subheadings, phone numbers and lacks colour coordination.

Activity 2: Analysing your portfolio


What does your eye see first in the design?
In figure 1 the first thing I see left to right at the very top of the advertisement is the company logo and the store name.   It is easily readable and the colour stands out.

In figure 2 it is too hard to read what the text is saying because of the position alignment, font is in different sizes and is not showing the title of its product or company.   The colour does not stand out with just yellow and grey.

Does your eye get lost when reading the design?
In figure 1 you can see that the list of products and brands is organised into each group, while in figure 2 the text and the images are all over the place.

Does the design appeal to you?
In figure 1 the picture would interest me just because of the colour coordination it stands out while figure 2 lacks bright colours so it feels dull.

What type of audience would this design appeal to?
Figure 1 would attract car enthusiasts because of the brand, labels and the product images while figure 2 would be attracting people who want flowers for their wedding, funerals, relationships, hospital visits etc but it doesn’t communicate with the audience on what the advertisement is selling.

Did the design effectively communicate the message?
With figure 1 you can clearly see what their selling, what brands there in and who or where I can get it from.   In figure 2 it emphasizes too much on the subheading rather on the marketing, image and name of the store.

Learned what makes...

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