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Descriptive Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: davi12
  • on March 18, 2012
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"Stillness of the dawn was displaced by the scheduled game of the morning gusts. Pages of newsletters and Kit-Kat wrappers flew around in typhoon-like motions scraping against a banner, which was crucified against a brick- wall using four large black nails, expanded and compressed like a heart, displaying ‘Sell it Market Place.’

From the edge, the faint noise of an engine was stopping and starting repetitively. Eventually, from a bird-view over the steep gradient, a Ford car sluggishly forwarded. Despite the Ford’s early arrival, the ear-splitting buzzer of the Vauxhall in its rear view roared in rage. It repeatedly did this to bully the Ford further up the steep hill to an empty space within the car-park.

Once the quarrel was over, the cars tried to park with absolute accuracy between the two yellow parking lines in order to prevent any costly collisions. This procedure recurred until, within a matter of time, the yellow lines were ceased to be seen. As they were infested by a population of streamlined cars with only a few reservations for the Ford-like cars which came earlier on the day.
The revolution of cars came to a halt, and soon was replaced by the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Customers emerged towards the automatic double glass-doors which slid; welcoming customers by a warm breeze emitted by the immersion heaters mantled behind the core doors of the market.

A girl, dressed in a Mother Fairy costume, abraded the stone floors with her rigid sandals. Refusing to enter the market, she sat down on the frost floors, crossing her legs securely together whilst her mother powerfully yanked her from her shoulder with Stallion force in the direction of the cash machine. She then burst into tears, as she glanced at her ‘magic’ wand; which was seized away by her mother who held it with a firm grip. She then swirled her head, and glanced within the translucent doors of the market opposite of her. To her surprise, the Fairy Queen toy rested against a...

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