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Denver Health Essay

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Subject Matter: Denver Health Operates with a Private Cloud and Thin Clients

Confidentiality of Denver Health Patient Information

Denver Health took proper precautions in creating security measures to ensure that only the proper people could have access to its patients’ information. Both Doctors and nurses were required to sign on to the ThinIdentity system when they first arrive to work. They signed on by inserting a smart card into the computer system which contained specific credentials belonging to the doctors or nurses. Once the smart card was inserted, the end user are required to supply their login and password. One of the system’s safeguard to exposing patients’ information to the wrong person is that the ThinIdentity ensures that in the event a smart card is lost or stolen a random person or a different doctor or nurse is not able to use the smart card and look at patients’ information.

Utilization and Implications of ThinIdentity Solution at Columbia College

Supporting the needs of faculty. Columbia College could put in place an IT system   similar to what Denver Health has. Both faculty and students could benefit from such a system and it could serve as a one stop shop for both students and faculty for anything that is relevant to Columbia College. Both students and faculty could use it for quick access to student records, class assignments, grades, library resources, and etc. It would afford faculty manageability of classroom materials and students’ tracking.

Supporting the needs of students. As a student, in using ThinIdentity Solutions, I could access open classes and make quick decisions as to the ones I would like to register. I could also have an instant look at my financial aid status and grades. I would also be able to ascertain any available classes that I would like to audit.

Role of Cloud Computing in the Business Continuity Planning for Denver Health

Public cloud as a backup for Denver Health’s private cloud. The...

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