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Demonstrative Communication Week 2 Xbcom 275 Essay

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Demonstrative Communication

Feb, 2, 2012
Lisa Newman

Demonstrative Communication
Demonstrative communication in this paper I will try to explain what that means to every person in every corner of the world. I could make or break a person depending on where they are and how they may come across to the person they are talking to or trying to talk to.
Demonstrative communication is non-verbal and unwritten, it consist of facial expressions, tone of voice, body languages and had gestures. Each can make it seem like you are aggressive or that you are soft and that you care too much about a subject or just don’t really care. Basically demonstrative communication is an observation of non-verbal cues. It does involve a person listening and responding to both what has been said and the non-verbal cues.    
    Demonstrative communications can be all messages that one send or receives without words both conscious and unconscious.   Example of a non-verbal message can be as simple as a raised eyebrow to more complex hand shake which can tell a person if you are strong or weak and give them the wrong impression of a person just with the hand shake. Example of an ineffective or negative communication would be, crossing your arms in front of your chest while talking to someone, which can be received as you think you’re superior or mad, even that you are not wanting to know what the other person thinks. Hand gestures are a bad one of miscommunication on the receiver’s end, especially if you are in another country, or they are from a different culture than you. Not all hand gestures mean the same in every part of the world and you may even insult someone by just giving thumbs up. Hand gestures are not universal.
Body language and posture can signal what a person is feeling and/or what they are thinking. It could be as little as a slight slough from the sender, could give the receiver the incorrect idea. Body language can show whether the person is...

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