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Demonstrative Communication Essay

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People are always communicating with one another. When people are communicating it does not always have to be by speaking or talking. There are many different forms for people to communicate with one another.   One main technique of communication is called demonstrative communication which is a form of nonverbal and unwritten communication. This type of communication can go based off facial expressions, touch, body language, or tone of voice. These types of communication can be easily mistaken for someone to get the message in a positive or negative way, for both the sender and the receiver. Demonstrative communication can also deal with listening and responding.
There are several ways that nonverbal and unwritten communication can happen in between people. When either someone is explaining something to you or you are explaining something to them, it is mostly always easy to know what they are thinking due to their facial expressions or body language. Also, by a person’s body language and facial expressions, you can tell if they are listening, understanding, or interested in what you are saying. You can tell a lot about a person just by something as simple as eye contact. When somebody is not making eye contact while having a conversation with you it can show a few things about their personality or of what they are thinking.   Either they are not interested in what you are saying, they are thinking about something else, or they might just be a shy person.   Facial expressions can also have a big impact as a way of communication. If someone is looking at you and you see that they have a puzzled look on their face, it shows you that they are listening but yet they are also confused about the conversation you are having. Body language can also tell you a lot about the listener or the speaker. If you are talking to someone and they start folding their arms, playing with their hands, or doing something else but giving you their full attention it may give you a signal...

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