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Directions: write an essay about either about the advantages or disadvantages of doing time in a juvenile detention facility. Give specific examples from sleepers to illustrate your points. What did you learn from WHB? That you would use in your own life.

Disadvantages of a juvenile detention facility

        In our country exist many juvenile detention centers, each of them has

different rules, but, they are normally pretty much the same. Juveniles

detention centers, exists many different pathways for juveniles. Sometimes

they are not exactly what they live in there. In my opinion, the disadvantages

that exist doing the time in those centers now days are the most commons for a

number of reasons.

        A juvenile detention facility is like a jail or prison for underage criminal.

if a child under 18 years old commits a crime and is found guilty and sentenced

all time be served. The disadvantages that exist in those centers variety in the

character. They are many. Example one, the abuse of authority that exist in those

detentions centers is horrible, they are many kids who cant defend themselves

they stayed quiet and let all go. They sometime don’t know what to do. Because

most of the case there is no supervisor who can see these all bad thing. Big example

in sleepers, the abuse of authority with those child was their priority. For example

in lunch time when the guard make the child eats the food from the floor.

      Sexual Victimization is juvenile detention facility. This point is very delicate
To express but is the main point why juveniles stayed very traumatized for the rest

of their life. This unfortunally disadvantage is the most common one. Those kids

victimized for another ones in there, and some cases for the guards. Big example in

Sleepers, shakes and his friends were victims of sexual abused from the guards.

Based of that, child’s are getting more aggressive and some cases when they...

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