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Dehumanization Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Dehumanization is the act of making somebody less human by taking away his or her personality, or compassion and sensitivity towards others. Jewish genocide conducted by the Nazis was certainly no different, and the persecutors went to great lengths to humiliate and unjustly treat the victims up to the very moment of their death. In Night, Elie Wiesel skillfully recounts his experiences during this time period. Throughout the process he goes through, the various levels of human needs are slowly stripped away. From self-actualization, the Nazis masterfully manage to manipulate the Jews into the lowest, or physiological, state. The system they used, which could be characterized as ingenious and virtually flawless, could also be called atrocious and insane. Regardless, the dehumanization of the Jews throughout the genocide process experienced by Wiesel and millions of others is constant, breaking them down mentally, physically, and spiritually.
The dehumanization of the Jews begins as soon as the Germans arrive in Sighet. To create a sense of security, they Germans act complacent for several days, but then, without warning, an order that Jews could not leave their homes was decreed. Later, they are made to wear the gold star at all times, after they are allowed back out of the homes. Already, the most important initial step of genocide, discrimination, has been put into full effect. Before, the Jews were free to practice religion and engage in higher learning, fulfilling the highest need in Maslow’s Hierarchy, Self-Actualization. When they can no longer do this, many fellow non-Jewish citizens try to help many families, especially Wiesel’s, escape. Unfortunately, the next need, Esteem, is still in place, and because of it, Wiesel’s father chooses not to leave. While these kind souls sense trouble and attempt to help their friends, their equals, Wiesel’s father remarks “The yellow star? So what? It’s not lethal…” (Wiesel 11). Ironically, it is exactly because of this...

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