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Definition Essay: Racism

  • Submitted by: kimmiecakess
  • on March 18, 2012
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Everybody can agree that racism is not a positive quality, but what exactly does the word mean? Over the years the term has been overused because it can range anywhere from inequality, comparison of skin tones, to cultural ranking. Racism is said to be judging a man not by his brain or characteristics, but by his race. In this day and age though, is there really an exact definition for the broad term that gets tossed around so carelessly in conversation and on the news?
A majority of people today think that racism does not exist in America. Political parties and social groups have tried to achieve equality among the races in the United States and believe that racism is an issue from the past which should be forgotten. However, subtle new forms of racism often become a way of thinking. Every single day people in the United States are raising their children to believe that it is ok to think lower of other people and actually teaching their young ones how to hate people who are simply different from themselves. Racism is a fact in life today and results in discrimination which should not be allowed into the employment or education environment. Racism hurts everyone involved and makes others feel inferior.
Besides in the home, racism is alive in the school system today. Pre-teens and even younger can be very naïve and are greatly impacted by their friends in school and the behaviors they send out to other children of different cultures. Young adults who are considered to be from “good” homes can even act out on racism by making fun of their peers with accents or those who dress according to their culture. Bullying became a big issue in the school systems after the episode of 911, students were name calling and even physically harming other Middle Eastern students or anybody who resembled what we think a “terrorist” may look like.
The Holocaust and the rise of Adolf Hitler could not have occurred without the nurturing of racist ideas. He came up with a plan for a...

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