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Defining The Customer Essay

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Defining the Customer

Write a 200- to 300-word response defining the various external customers found within computer support. How are these customers different from one another? How are the expectations of computer support different among various external customers?

External customers can be defined as the consumers and the vendors. The consumer is a vital part of any business because regardless of the service or items being sold, without the consumer, there is no business. Vendors are also very important to a business. Vendors are the suppliers for the business and without the vendors; there are no items to sell.

Keeping a strong customer base will carry a business through the years. Customers tend to be loyal people once they trust that the customer service is what they expect regardless of any situation that happens. I cannot think of one person in the world that would go back to a store where they were treated badly. They are giving away their money after all so why would they give it to people that were rude to them?

Keeping a good rapport with vendors and other suppliers is also a very important part of business. These are the people who ensure that the items the business is selling are the correct ones ordered, are delivered on time and undamaged. I have seen distributors pull completely out of a business because of issues with management. A convenience store that has a bad rapport with the Pepsi guy and then can’t (or won’t) sell Pepsi products; will lose business to the store across the street who has a good relationship with Pepsi.

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