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Deep Clean Essay

  • Submitted by: aaliyah1221
  • on August 29, 2013
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Guest Room Deep Clean Checklist

Turn Mattresses and Change Bed Coverings

___ Remove linens from the bed.
___ Lift the mattress of the box spring. Safety Tip: This is a two person job and use you legs not your back.
___ Lift the box spring off the bed frame.
___ Inspect for tears, soil spots, or broken springs.
___ Inspect and clean the frame and headboard.
___ Vacume behind and inside the bed platform.
___ Rotate the box spring.
___ Turn the mattress. Tip: Position the appropriate number on the mattress in the upper left corner of the bed frame.
___ Vacume the mattress cording.
___ Inspect pillows and replace pillows that have stains.
___ Remake the bed witha clean mattress pad, linens, and bed covering. Tip: Make sure dust ruffles are straight.

Dust High Places

___ Dust where wall meets the ceiling. Tip: Use stepladders appropriately to reach high areas.
___ Dust smoke detectors and sprinklers.
___ Dust tops of tall furniture such as armoires.
___ Dust light dousers; clean with a damp cloth if needed.
___ Dust vents.
___ Clean anything else above eye level.

Wash Windows

___ Use a scrubber and widow cleaner to clean grease marks and grime from windows. Tip: Report any dirt on the outside of the windows.
___ Work from the top down in and "S" pattern with the squeegee.
___ Wipe windows frames with a damp cloth.
___ Clean windows tack thouroughly.
___ Hang replacement draperies.
___ To remove dust vacume draperies fromt he top down. Get into the folds and clean the backs.
___ Dust sheers often/ wash.

Wash Walls Baseboards and Doors

___ Use a mild solution of all purpose cleaner on a soft sponger and clean gently. Tip: Spray cleaner directly on sponger, not the wall.
___ Work fromt eh boom up to avoid streaks, and work clockwise around the room. Tip: Report any marks you cannot remove.
___ Dry all surfaces witha   clean cloth.
___ Clean anything hanging on the wall.
___ Wipe switch plates, phone plugs, and wall jacks....

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