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Deductive and Inductive Reasoning Essay

  • Submitted by: smith219224
  • on August 29, 2013
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Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
Everest University
Basic Critical Thinking
Miranda Smith
August 25, 2013

Deductive reasoning is an argument form in which one reasons from premises that are known or assumed to be true to a conclusion that follows necessarily from the premises. Inductive reasoning is an argument form in which one reasons from premises that are known or assumed to be true to a conclusion that is supported by the premises but does not necessarily follow from them. Most deductive arguments are structured as syllogisms. This is an argument form that consists of two supporting premises and a conclusion. Inductive reasoning shows that something is probable but not certain. So deductive reasoning is for sure the correct statement as   inductive reasoning is a 50% chance that it is true and 50% that it is false.
Misleading information has been used in many aspects of my life to influence my behavior. Some people believe whatever they hear, no matter if it is plausible or not. They do not question if it is true or false. Assumption that the statement is true without the thought to make sure by researching it. I remember when I was a little girl, it did not matter what they told me I believed every word they said. Now that I am grown, I have research some of the things that they had told me in my youth and I have discovered that they told me these things to make me behave.
There are many different topics that I would like to get peoples honest opinion about, but I think that the number one topic on my list would be pit bulls. I feel that there are many people that do not know a lot about pit bulls, only what they have heard in newspapers and on TV. I know that there has been many of pit bull tragedies but there have also been other dogs that have committed the same act and they are not portrayed as vicious killers. I have to honestly say I have never read an article that contained another breed of dog that actually stated the dogs breed, but if...

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