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Dedicated to a Better Way of Life Through Tm Plants Essay

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Below is an essay on "Dedicated to a Better Way of Life Through Tm Plants" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

PhytoTechnology Laboratories, Inc.
Dedicated to a Better Way of Life through TM Plants

Product Information Sheet

Potato Micropropagation
A number of different approaches have been successfully used in the regeneration of potato plants from in vitro cultures. Roest and Bokelman obtained plantlet regeneration from potato stem segments when explants were cultured on a MS medium supplemented with 10 mg/liter GA3 , 1.0 mg/liter BA, and 1.0 mg/liter IAA. Espinoza et al. have reported on the micropropagation of potato by either nodal section or shake cultures. They found that when nodal sections were inoculated onto a MS culture medium supplemented with 0.25 mg/liter GA3 and 2.0 mg/liter calcium pantothenic acid, the number of nodes increased six fold within 3-4 weeks. When nodal sections were cultured on a liquid MS medium supplemented with 0.4 mg/liter GA3, 0.5 mg/liter BA, 0.01 mg/liter NAA, 2.0 mg/liter calcium pantothenic acid, and 2% sucrose, there was a 10- to 20-fold increase in the number of nodes is 2-3 weeks. Materials Required 1. 5 small-mouth Mason jars 2. 1000-ml beaker and 250-ml beaker 3. 20 sterile plastic or glass petri plates 4. Glass Bead Sterilizer 5. 3 pairs of forceps and 3 scalpels 6. Waterproof marking pen and labels 7. Culture tubes (25 x 150 mm) (Product Number C925) with closures and racks (Product Number C908) to hold them 8. 125-ml Erlenmeyer flask 9. 1000 ml of 20% Clorox solution supplemented with a few drops of Tween-20 10. 1000 ml of sterile distilled water 11. 200 ml of 95% ethanol 12. Murashige BC Potato medium, Product Number M516 supplemented with 1.0 mL of Gamborg’s Vitamin Solution (G219), 2% sucrose, 8.0 g/L Agar (A111) and 1.0 mL of BA, (B130). 13. Murashige & Skoog Basal Medium with Gamborg’s vitamins (M404) supplemented with 0.25 mg/L GA3 (G500) and 2.0 mg/L Calcium pantothenate (Product Number C186), 2% Sucrose S391), 0.5 mL of BA (B130) and 0.01 mL of NAA (N605). 14. 5 healthy medium-sized Irish potatoes Procedures 1....

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