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Decisions Essay

  • Submitted by: manuelcuba
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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I have been in very hard situations but luckily I have always made the right decision. I was in Cuba getting ready to come to the U.S with my mother, she give me to choose between staying or going with her. At the moment was the hardest decision that I had made. Just thinking that I was going to leave my friends and a big part of my family behind was destructive for me. Thinking about it now make me sad, however it happen for our own good.
My decision was to come to the U.S, it was hard and I was really scare but I just had to do it for my mom and the rest of my family. As I remember, the final week in Cuba was a traumatic one because my friends and my family came to tell us goodbye and it was like I was never going to saw them again. In my memory that week was dark and sad, I remember everything with sadness.   Everybody knew how difficult for us was to leave, however everybody keep their emotions, and stand strong for us. We were about to start a journey and we were going to go to a place unknown for us with a different spoken language and different culture. I remember my grandma telling me that everything happens for a reason and that God has a path for us; those words made me feel a little bit better.
The day chosen to leave was the exact day of my cousin birthday; he is like a brother for me since neither he nor I have brothers or sisters. I remember him been very mad because it was supposed to be a happy day full of joy like always has been but we were looking at it more like a forgettable birthday. I was confused because I was sad but my last day in Cuba I want it to be an unforgettable one and it really was. The fly was supposed to take over at 11:00 pm; I had the hold day to celebrate with my cousin and say goodbye to the place that saw me born. I want it him to be happy because I was going to be able to help him financially in the future, and make him understand that it was for my own good.
The inevitable day came, and when I wake up he...

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