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Decision On Slavery Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Decision on slavery
Slavery has been a controversial issue since the beginning of US history. The US government has not been able to effectively handle this situation, and the Civil War will not accomplish anything. The best solution to slavery is to gradually phase out slavery with compensation to slave owners. Doing this would restore the God given human rights to slaves, provide compensation for slave owners, and allow the economy to adapt.
Southern politician Jefferson Davis said that “the proper condition of a negro is slavery.” This was the distorted view that kept slavery alive this whole time. The constitution however claims that all men are created equal, with certain unalienable rights. Among these unalienable rights is life. The Black slaves are not provided with the right to life that they are entitled to, and as long as they are slaves. Freeing the slaves and giving them the same rights as white men is the only way to give them the natural human rights they deserve.
The southern slave owners viewed the slaves as property, therefore they believed that if the government freed the slaves they would be taking there property. The only way that they could constitutionally free the slaves is by immanent domain. Immanent domain would provide the slave owners a fair price for there slaves in return for freedom. Paying the slave owners would be the only way to free the slaves constitutionally and without angering most of the slave owners. Doing this would not deprive people of there property or cause economic hardship.
Slaves have become the foundation of the economy, and if they were to free all of the slaves at one time the economy would collapse. The government would have to space out the acquittal of the slaves over a five to ten year span in order to let the south figure out a new method of farming without slaves. It would also allow the economy to adapt to changes in the market without crashing. It would also give the states time to help the black...

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