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Decision Making Essay

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Decision making is what makes the world go ‘round. Decisions are what drive us and shape our lives. How we make our decisions is a psychological event that plays out in our subconscious. Some decisions we are well aware of, and of the effort it takes to make them, and some we didn’t even know we were thinking about. Decision making is one of the hardest aspects to management and our life choices, or decisions, will dictate whether we will achieve our goals or even consideration by employers. Never giving it a thought, knowing what leads me to my decisions has helped me change habits, take different paths, and ultimately be more comfortable with my overall decisions. Examining what steps I take to reach a decision has helped me focus on my education and career choices and has given me a more solid foothold on where I want my career to take me.

I use the following decision making strategies: Primarily, I use my intuition. I am a very creative person, and often follow my instincts to the decision that best works for me. However, I don’t jump right to it, and often argue with my initial gut choice. I investigate and research the potential paths that my decision will take me and then follow my gut. My gut does not always choose the rational path. I have never been one to weigh options, or make lists of pros and cons, but I do like to cover all the angles first. There are moments when I will agonize over the decision, questioning whether it is the right one or not, but I think that is something everyone does no matter which side of the brain you use.
My assumption is that decisions are not set in stone. I try what I think will work, and if it doesn’t I go back to the beginning and try again. It might not be the most financially effective way of making a choice, but I think that the flexibility gives me an opportunity to learn, which I say can never be enough.
My feelings are usually a mixed bag about my decisions. My family jokes about the stress...

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