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Debate Number Colonialism Essay

  • Submitted by: esutton000
  • on June 26, 2014
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Eric Sutton
Debate Number Colonialism
One of the most controversial debates in contemporary African politics is weather contemporary African politics could best be understood as a legacy of the continent’s encounter with colonialism. Due to developments and changes to the current African politic system some political scientists believes that the continent has move passed its colonial pass. In this paper I will argue that contemporary African politics can best be understood as a legacy of the continent’s encounter with colonialism. I will use examples from Citizen and Subject by Mahmood Mamdani in order to support my claim. Lastly I will address and negate some of the counter arguments to my claim. Colonialism introduced several foundations to post colonialism rulers, which continues to defined current African politics. These foundations include but is not limited to a vertically organized civil society, a bifurcated society, and weak state institutions.
Citizen and Subject by Mahmood Mamdani is without a shadow of a doubt one of the classics when it comes to studying and understanding the state of Africa. Mamdani is perhaps one of the greatest standout adversaries of the neo-patrimonialism current. The thought-provoking fact is that Mamdani created the initial argument about how contemporary African states has passed down structures of power that was essential to colonial states in the past. In examining the obstruction to democratization after Africa's independence, he proposes a brave, intelligent argument regarding colonialism legacy and how it is present in contemporary African states. Many political scientists have accepted colonial powers as one or the other either "direct" or indirect, with a third alternative which is known as an apartheid which is noteworthy. According to Mamdani the colonial state handed down establishments such as, weak state institutions, a vertically organized civil society and newly emergent ethnic politics to...

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