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Death Sells Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Arthur Miller’s essay “Get it Right: Privatize Executions” takes an adventurous stand on the controversial issue of capital punishment. He suggests that not only should it be legalized, it should be taken out of the hands of our incapable government and be privatized in arenas. The executions would be turned into a grand show with singers, military personal, and the famed executioner. Miller declares that in doing these public executions it would provide a powerful lesson for anyone contemplating murder, bring in income for the state, and be an educational experience for the audience. He then recognizes that after a while people would become bored, lose interest and demand more and more to overcome our short attention spans and bloodlust. In conclusion he flips his position saying “My proposal would lead us more quickly to boredom and away from our current gratifying excitement and ultimately perhaps to a wiser use of alternating current.” (Miller) Miller’s ideas spark arguments for and against the use of capital punishment on convicted murders but why not take the privatizing of executions farther, have criminals fight one another to the death in front of huge audiences. Privatizing these executions or fights would produce entertainment, help deter future crimes, even solve some of the controversial issues with the death penalty being more expensive than paying for someone serving a life sentence by generating revenue back into the prison system and bring the murder to justice.    

Privatizing executions need not stop at the electric chair set up in the middle of a stadium to entertain the masses. There could be new innovative ways to capture the audience. This is all possible by inventing modern gladiator games; giving prisoners a chance to live by fighting to the death, surviving impossible obstacle courses, or race in an all-out death race where drivers use armored vehicles with weapons mounted on top to eliminate as much competition as they can without...

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