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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: hunter234
  • on March 27, 2014
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Duncan’s Speech
Justice has a large effect on Canadian lifestyle. We see it everywhere, on the streets, in the media, In video games. But typically, it is blurred and exaggerated to favour one side. In Canada, when someone commits a violent crime, they are put on trial. If found guilty, they are sentenced to do time in a prison. But, some would suggest that this punishment is not suitable for several offenses.   For crimes like murder, some people believe it is a much easier route just to kill the person. What is capital punishment? Why should we reinstate it into Canada? What are the benefits of legally being able to do this? These are all very valid questions that have an effect on Canada’s justice system. My name is Duncan Henry, and today I will be speaking to you about the death penalty.
Capital punishment and the death penalty occur when someone is accused of a Capital offence. These can include multiple accounts of Rape, Rape of a minor, murder, sexual abuse, and someone committing these charges multiple times. If someone is found guilty of these crimes, they are sentenced to execution. The method of killing the person depends on the country, and how developed it is. Currently, countries use electrocution, firing squad, stoning, lethal injection and hanging. In the United States, they currently use lethal injection for majority of executions. If Canada were to bring back the death penalty, I think that this would be the method to kill. The death penalty is the highest rank of punishment, therefore regarded to be the worst. That is why it only applies to the most extreme crimes.
The benefits of Capital punishment far outweigh the benefits of making them do time. First of all, if someone was executed, it eliminates the chance of them being able to escape, however low the risk maybe. Also, the punishment itself is worse in most circumstances. Most criminals would prefer doing time than being killed. Therefore, the effectiveness of the punishment increases....

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